April 21, 2024


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Ludhiana,( Sat Pal Soni) : The residents of Panchsheel Vihar, Panchsheel Enclave, Royal Homes, Lodhi Enclave conducted a protest against the illegal attempt to convert a park into a residential area. More than 250 residents alongwith families and children sat in protest so that the encroacher may note encroach upon the green belt of the area. Briefly stating the purchases of plots in the area after going through the approved plan of GLADA of the colony which was developed by Krishan Lal Chhabra, who was the owner of Chhabra land and Housing Pvt. Ltd., purchased the residential plot.

The copy of the plan was duly provided under the RTI act from M.C. Ludhiana and GLADA. The plans of the said colony stood approved vide Licence no.96/131 which was valid upto 10.10.1999. The said Bahadur Singh who by using his political and official relations, earlier tried to encroach upon the park area under the garb of a fabricated sale deed which has been got executed in his favour by the sister concern of Chhabra Land and Housing Pvt. Limited. It later on revealed that Bahadur Singh was posted as Commissioner Income Tax at Ludhiana and it was during the scrutiny by I.T Department in the said period of Chhabra Land and Housing Pvt. Limited that Bahadur Singh seemed to have helped out Krishan Lal Chhabra and Chhabra Land and Housing Pvt. Ltd. in lieu of the said help, transferred the area of park to Bahadur Singh as claimed by his attorney holder.
The copy of the said approved plan is attached herewith along with copies of sale deeds. It has come to know that the company in whose name the earlier sale deed dated 25.5.2007 was registered in the name of Saubhagya Knitfed Pvt. Ltd. (the company has the same address that of Chhabra Land and housing ltd.). Earlier an application against said Bahadur Singh was moved and the Hon’ble CM directed to initiate action in the year 2020-21, but however no action was taken.
The Municipal Corporation town planner ordered the removal of the encroachment if any vide letter no.649/MTP-S/D dated 2.3.2021 over the park but till date no action has been taken for the fabrication of sale deed against the approved plan on the pretext that the said Bahadur Singh is not in possession of the park area and that he is an retired IRS officer. However, the said Bahadur Singh recently got a false FIR registered against the residents of the area bearing no.0098 dated 30.4.2022 at P.S.Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana for taking the possession of the Property, which is infact a Park and is being looked after by the residents of the area.
It is important to mention here that park area is a public land and nobody can be allowed to take possession of the said land and the fabricated sale deed in favour of Bahadur Singh during service against the approved plan attract legal action but however, Bahadur Singh claims to be close to Arvind Kejriwal, CM, New Delhi and further claims that no action can be taken against him and he can take the possession of the park under the garb of the false and frivolous FIR. Bahadur Singh through his Nephew is openly claiming about the said fact. Infact the residents had developed the park with the assistance and funding of Krishan Lal Chhabra in the year 2000-2001. Infact, to protect the said green belt from wild animals even boundary wall was raised over the entire park but subsequently Municipal Corporation installed a tubewell as such the wall towards the overhead water tank was a built next to the tubewell. The children of the area have been using the said park and even a small building was erected to make the community centre.
The fabricated sale deed has been registered in the year 2007 whereas the walls were erected alongwith the building in the year 2000-01. The peaceful protest has been made against the unsuccessful forcible attempt of encroachment of the park and against the registration of the false FIR against the residents of the area. The association has also moved applications to the various authorities for investigating the matter in the light of the documents. The police officials states that Bahadur Singh is claiming his possession over the property whereas all the residents living in the area openly claimed that Bahadur Singh has never been seeing in the area and he has even never entered the park area. The possession of the park has been with the residents of the area for its use and now the development of the park was to be transferred to the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana for its upliftment but however, in the meantime, the police registered a false FIR against the residents.
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